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10% off all gunsmithing Services for Active and retired, military, police, firemen, EMT, corrections officers.

Inspection of Firearm and Written Quote $30
Bore Sighting $25
Ring Lapping $25
Scope Setting $40

     Includes ring lapping and bore sighting

Trigger Work upon request $40

Hole Drilling and Tapping, Parts costs plus labor

General Labor costs are $45 /hour

*Prices do not include applicable sales tax

Firearm Cleaning

General Cleaning $15
Field Strip $25

Detail Strip $50
ncludes: Total disassembly of the firearm, total clean, oil and grease

Function checks will be performed on all firearms. If disassembling a firearm is required, a test fire will be performed prior to the firearm being returned. Please bring a couple rounds for the test fire. An additional charge will incur if there is no ammunition provided for the test. 

*Prices for cleaning will be adjusted accordingly for rust removal and patching and blending bluing. These are only estimates. You will be contacted with an official quote once the extent of the work has been determined

*Prices do not include applicable sales tax

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