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My Name is William A Furl JR, Most know me as Billy. Hunting and fishing has always been a way of life for me. I was raised in it from before I started walking.  I remember my Uncle Chuck Butler saying "Willy!, you're a dog!" I replied " What is that Uncle Chuck?" Next thing I knew I was driving off the thickest brush to the elder hunters with little to no chance at getting a shot off at a deer but a big chance of being shredded by all the jaggers and thorned tree's I had to bust through to get to the end of the drive. I was not always a successful hunter nor fisherman and I still have my bad days and years, my misses and my line breaks. 

One of the most important thing aside from the knowledge of the animal or fish you go after is having the correct equipment, reliable equipment. I started Heart Stopper Ammunitions LLC to ensure that the average outdoorsman can obtain the reliable equipment they need easily. I am an outdoorsman working for the outdoorsmen and I'd like you to have a Heart Stoppin' Shot EVERY TIME! 

Special thanks to those who influenced this lifelong outdoorsman and helped me along. 

Bill Furl SR

Bob Furl

Chuck Butler

Blair Butler

My lovely Canadian Jill 

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