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Hello everyone, my name is William Furl Jr. Most people know me by Billy. My love for guns started as a child ( 5 years of age) with my first gun, you guessed it, a Red Ryder BB gun, you'll shoot your eye out, right?  Wrong, I still have both. I was raised hunting and fishing and am still an avid hunter and fisherman. As a teenager my friends Grandfather and Grandmother I call them Gram and Pap pulled us aside and said, "alright boys its time you start learning how to work on your own guns and learning how to load your own ammunition". They both had been doing it for 40 years or longer at that point and still are 20 years later. 

I started Heart Stopper Ammunitions LLC because gunsmithing is a dying trade and ammunition is scarce. I don't want to keep ammunition I make to myself. I want to make sure your firearms are as safe, efficient, effective and as appealing to the eye as they can be. This is something I love to do and if I can I will save you the time, money and grief. I've attended college for ballistics and gunsmithing and I continue to further my education in these fields. 

I'd Like to honorably mention those who fueled my addiction and made me the person I am today. 

William Furl Sr, My Father

My Uncle Chuck Butler. Rest easy Uncle, I know you are with me every hunt still.

My Uncle Bob Furl

Clay Hawkins 

Dave Harger

Donna Batschelet - Gram B

Duane Batschelet - Pap B

My dear friend Butler

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